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June 11: Walking Tour, “Pearls on a Greenway”

Saturday, June 11, 10 am, led by John Steere

This walk explores the history of West Berkeley and the Santa Fe right of way, along which we will experience the parks that have been created over the past 45 years since the city of Berkeley purchased it from the Santa Fe Railroad. It will cross Codornices Creek and Strawberry Creek, the nation’s first daylighted creek. Learn about the three community gardens, including the Peralta and Karl Linn gardens, created along the greenway in the 1990s. Then on to Cedar Rose Park, the West Street greenway portion, and Strawberry Creek Park. The tour will cover the history preceding the parks, their unusual development, and the future new park in the gap between Strawberry Creek and the Spiral Gardens which constitutes the remaining Santa Fe right of way. This walk is one way, flat, and about a mile with numerous stops.

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