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Sept. 24: Walking Tour, “Berkeley’s Civic Center: Past, Present, Future”

Led by Ann Harlow & Sergio Mazariegos

Big plans are underway for revitalization of the Civic Center neighborhood. The City of Berkeley has entered a second phase of planning for the Maudelle Shirek Building (“Old City Hall”), the Veterans Memorial Building, and MLK Civic Center Park. This tour will include historical background and a chance to see areas of the buildings that have not been open to the public for years. Sergio and Ann are on the coordinating committee of Community for a Cultural Civic Center as well as active in BHSM. Includes one flight of stairs in each building, with no elevators. Limit 20 participants.

Tours start at 10:00 am and end at approximately 12:00 noon.  Sometimes they are slightly longer, so some extra time should be allowed in case the walk meets an informative passerby or dwells at an interesting site. Tours are limited to 30 paying participants unless noted otherwise. Pre-paid reservations are required and tickets are not refundable. Tours are conducted in rain, shine or Berkeley fog and are wheelchair accessible unless otherwise noted. 

Tours are $10 for non-members, $8 for members. Please sign up by mailing in or dropping off this form. Keep a record of your order.  E-mail addresses and telephone numbers are very important for last-minute changes and confirmations. You will be sent an e-mail or we will phone confirmations with starting points. 

For last-minute reservations, call 510-848-0181 between 1 and 4 pm on the Thursday or Friday before the tour to learn the meeting place and sign up if there is an opening. 

If you have suggestions for future walking tours, please email us or leave a message at 510-848-0181.

(Stephen Rosen photo of Maudelle Shirek Building)

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