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Subject Index of Articles

TopicArticle / AuthorIssue
African AmericansFamily Bonds, Determination and a Small Community Circle Paved the Way: Looking Back at the Griffin Family / Margot, Merryl, Danielle and Joseph Dashiell  Winter 2020
 African Americans in Berkeley’s History and Legacy / Stephanie Anne Johnson and Harvey SmithSpring 2021
African Americans in Berkeley: Art, Entertainment, Literature, Sports / Harvey Smith and Tina Jones WilliamsSpring 2022, Summer 2022
ArchitectsJohn Hudson Thomas and the Hume Cloister / Ken CardwellWinter 1999
 J.F. Altermatt / George PettyFall 2021, Winter 2022
Julia Morgan: An Intimate Biography (book revew) / Lloyd LinfordSummer 2022
Catherine Bauer: Public Housing Advocate, Co-founder and Associate Dean, UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design / Fred EtzelSummer 2022
ArtistsJane FitzGibbon Recalls Berkeley’s Bay Area Figurative Painters / Burl WillesFall 2018
 John Bernhardt, Berkeley “Window Trimmer” / Bill RobertsFall 2019
 Sculptor Douglas Tilden was California’s Finest / Ken SteinWinter 1998
Edythe Boone, Berkeley Artist & Activist / Tina Jones WilliamsSummer 2022
AuthorsLocal Boy’s Work Returns to Berkeley, “Our Town” Benefit at Berkeley RepFall 2005
 Do Androids Dream in Berkeley? Philip K. Dick’s Life in Our City / Maureen FosterSummer/Fall 2008, Winter 2009
 Literary Lights of the Berkeley Hills / Aleta GeorgeSpring 2016
 Baldy of Nome and Berkeley / Leonard SchwabSummer 2019
Florita Cook: Philip K. Dick’s First Editor / Fred EtzelFall 2022
AviationThe Hall-Scott Car Company, When Berkeley Built Aviation Engines / Ric Dias and Francis BradfordSpring 2006
 When Berkeley Takes Off! Little-Known Aviation History / Linda RosenSpring 2006, Summer 2006
BARTUndergrounding BART / Steven FinacomFall 1999
Berkeley Historical SocietyBerkeley Historical Society – 20 years / Gloria CooperFall 1998
 Forty Years of Collecting Berkeley History / Bill RobertsWinter 2018
 The Beginnings of the Berkeley Historical Society in 1978 / Stephanie Manning and Ken SteinWinter 2021
 Creation of the Berkeley History Center with a Museum, Archive, and Library / Linda Rosen with Burl Willes and Brenda LuckinWinter 2021
Buildings  The Berkeley Library: The Beginnings of a Literary Place / James Cara and Ken CardwellFall 1998
 Remembering the Original Thousand Oaks School / Evelyn Whitehead McCoolFall 2001
 Before the Claremont Hotel, There Was the Palache Family / Judith MarkelSummer 2002
 Mansions on Marin / Baird WhaleyWinter 2003
 Tuohy’s Second Addition / Nicholas RosenlichtSpring 2004
 Remembrance of a Life at the United Artists Theater / Suzie WorkmanSummer 2013
 Topping out of the Sather Campanile / Steven FinacomWinter 2014
 Happy 100th Birthday to Our Campanile / John AronoviciSpring 2015
 A Startling Fact about Julia Morgan’s Berkeley City Club / Dr. Sarah GillFall 2015
 Berkeley’s First State Institution Came Here 151 Years Ago, Before the University / Steven FinacomFall 2018
 Veterans Memorial Building: Plaques, Monuments, and Displays / Fred EtzelSpring 2020
BusinessesHistoric Spenger’s will reopen in late summer as Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto / Lee HouskeeperSummer 1999
 Some Fascinating Fish Tales From Paul Spenger / Paul SpengerSummer 2002
 Recollections of Paul Spenger, Part IIFall 2002
 Fermenting Berkeley / Daphne Tooke and Susan AustinWinter 2005
 Cutter Laboratories / Jack CutterWinter 2005
 The Old Order Passes: The Last Days at Spenger’s / Paul Soltow, Jr.Winter 2011
 The Giant Powder Company / Philip L. GaleWinter 2012
 The Layout of Berkeley / Larry LayneWinter 2016
 Singing and Dancing and Beer – “Oh My!” The Battle Against Berkeley’s Anti-Cabaret Ordinance / Shelley RideoutFall 2017
 Where the Action Was: Berkeley’s Music City Records / Alec PalaoFall 2017
 The Rise and Fall of the Co-op (book review) / Charles WollenbergFall 2020
Taylor’s Leather Goods / Ann HarlowSpring 2022
Chinese AmericansTouching Ground, Putting Down Roots: Chinese in Berkeley / Charles WollenbergSpring 2023
ChurchesNorthbrae Community Church Celebrates Centennial / Barbara HillWinter 2014
Civil WarBerkeley’s Civil War Legacy / Fred EtzelSpring 2021
DanceEarly Days of Dance in the East Bay / Tonya Staros & Jeanine Castello-LinSpring 2012, Summer 2012
DisastersHistory Repeats Itself / V. S. AronoviciWinter 1998
Who Was Seneca Gale? (post-1906 earthquake account) / Phil GaleWinter 1999
 Berkeley’s Old Fashioned Earthquake / Ken PettitSummer 2000
 Paul Spenger Recalls the Earthquake of 1906Spring 2003
 One Family’s Experience in the 1923 Fire / Phil GaleFall 2003
 Flooding in Berkeley at Hearst and Euclid / Janet Reid SherwinSpring 2004
 Berkeley Fire of 1923, September 21, 1923 letter by Clara SetchellFall 2004
EventsFirst European Tourists Take Bay Cruise / Carl WilsonFall 1998
 Football Days at Cal, 1938: Arriving by Ferry, Steam Train, Street Car and/or BusSpring 2013
 Celebrating the Opening of the East Bay Bridge, 1936 / Steve FinacomFall 2013
 The McGee-Spaulding District Goes Radical / Hal ReynoldsFall 2013
 Looking Back:  The Free Speech Movement at FiftyFall 2014
 Berkeley Goes to the Fair / Steven FinacomSpring 2015
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Performs in Berkeley / Fred EtzelSpring 2023
Fire DepartmentHistories and Historians of the Berkeley Fire Department / Fred EtzelWinter 2021
 Berkeley Fire Department Adopts New LogoSummer 2021
FoodBerkeley’s Fascination with Food / Ann HarlowSpring 2020
 Counterculture and Food in Berkeley / Ann HarlowSummer 2020
Garbage—see Solid Waste  
GardensOver 100 Years of Community Gardening in Berkeley “A Garden for Every Child.  Every Child a Garden”Summer 2013
 Berkeley’s Columbus School Garden 1920-1930+ / Phyllis M. Housel GaleSummer 2013
 Edible City: Grow the Revolution, Sustainable Agriculture in the Bay Area, Film and Panel, September 22 / Jeanine Castello-LinFall 2013
Histories of BerkeleyHistorians and Histories of Berkeley / Fred EtzelFall 2019
 Discovering the Swingle Collection of Berkeley History / Fred EtzelSummer 2019
 A Brief Survey of Histories and Historians of the Berkeley Public Library / Fred EtzelSummer 2020
 Histories and Historians of the Berkeley Fire Department / Fred EtzelWinter 2021
HousesResearching Berkeley Houses / Fred EtzelFall 2018, Winter 2019
 Researching Berkeley Houses: Alameda County Records / George O. PettyWinter 2020
 J.F. Altermatt, Berkeley Builder / George O. PettyFall 2021
LawsEarly Laws impacting Local Life in Berkeley / Rajeev SachdevWinter 2013
MilkThe Days of Home Milk Delivery / Gary SabatteWinter 2001
MuseumsThe Evolution of Berkeley’s University Art Museum / Ann HarlowFall 2015
 The Downtown Berkeley Art Museum of the 1920s / Ann HarlowWinter 2016
 A Visual Postscript to the Art Museum Exhibit / Steve FinacomSpring 2016
 Fifty Years of Berkeley’s “The Magnes” / Burl WillesSummer 2016
NeighborhoodsChildhood Memories of Nut Hill / Deborah WhitneySummer 1999
 Berkeley’s Finnish Community / Margot Lind, Harri Siitonen, Auni Hendrickson, Helen Harlow and Linda RosenFall 2000
 Swedish Life in Lorin, 1905-1925 / Merle DeanSummer 2005, Fall 2005
 Businesses in Lorin in 1925Summer 2005, Fall 2005
 Why is it Called Lorin? / John Ginno AronoviciWinter 2009
 The Heart of Berkeley: The Historic McGee-Spaulding DistrictSummer 2013
 The Fountain and Walk of Northbrae: The Challenge of Maintaining a Berkeley Treasure / Michael GraySummer 2013
 The Heart of Berkeley: The Historic McGee-Spaulding DistrictFall 2013
 Reminiscences of “Maybeck Country” / Lloyd LinfordFall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023
The South Berkeley MuralSummer 2022
New DealTraces of the New Deal In Berkeley, 1933-42 / Tanya MarchSummer 2001, Fall 2001
Oral HistoriesMameloshn Mamas, a Yiddish Conversation Group / Tonya Staros and Jeanine Castello-Lin Spring 2023
Parks and PathwaysTaking a Walk Through History of City’s Pathways / Paul GrunlandSpring 2001
The Rose Walk Story Step by Step / John UnderhillFall 2003
 The Evolution of Berkeley’s Downtown Park: Washington Square-Constitution Park-Provo Park-Civic Center Park-Martin Luther King Junior Park / John G. AronoviciSpring 2012
 The True Story of the Rose Walk: Step by Step Rose Walk Centennial: 1913-2013 / John R. UnderhillSpring 2013
 How Barbara Luce-Richey Added a “Pocket Park” to John Spring’s Solano Avenue Terrace Tract / Fred EtzelSummer 2017
 Berkeley’s First “People’s Park”: The Becky Temko Tot Park / Hal ReynoldsSpring 2019
People—see Residents and Women (pioneering)  
PlansBerkeley’s First City Plan in 1915 / Steven FinacomSummer 2015
 The Layout of Berkeley / Larry LayneWinter 2016
Poets and PoemsTwo Early Poems About Berkeley / Steven FinacomFall 2018
 And a Little More Poetry…” On Permanence” / Linda RosenFall 2018
Police/Public Safety                Captain Vollmer’s New Patrol Program: 25 Bicycles Sold to Berkeley Police Department Summer/Fall 2008
 Uncle Gus (Chief Vollmer) and Mrs. Miller / Steve TaylorFall 2009
 Fingerprint Everyone in Berkeley? / John G. AronoviciWinter 2011
 August Vollmer: The Father of American Policing / Will OliverFall 2016
 Young Gus Vollmer, Berkeley Hero / Willard M. OliverSpring 2017
 Was Berkeley Police Chief August Vollmer a Nazi Sympathizer? / Willard M. OliverSummer 2017
 A Tale of Two Badges / Will OliverFall 2017
 A Short History of Vollmer’s Revolver / Will OliverWinter 2017
 Captain Vollmer’s New Patrol Program: 25 Bicycles Sold to Berkeley Police DepartmentSummer/Fall 2018
 August Vollmer and the Japanese Internment / Will OliverWinter 2018
 Yes, Berkeley Once Had a Vigilante Riot: The Shocking Incident of Joshua Sykes in April 1918 / Steven FinacomSpring 2018
PoliticsWho Is Myrna? / Bill RobertsSummer 2019
 She Is Yearning to Vote / Phyllis M. Housel GaleSummer 2019
PresidentsEarly US Presidents Visit Berkeley’s School ChildrenWinter 2007
Protest“Ready, Aim, Sing!” –Songs of Protest / Ed HernyWinter 2018
 Recollections of the Free Speech Movement / Linda RosenFall 2014
 Recollections of the Free Speech Movement / Ed HernyFall 2014
RacismSome Racist Traces From Berkeley’s Past / Ken SteinSpring 2000, Summer 2000
RadioHistory of KRE: Berkeley’s Radio Station / John F. SchneiderSpring 2007, Summer 2007
Residents (alphabetical order)Dr. Carol Aronovici: City Planning Educator and Affordable Housing Advocate / Fred EtzelSpring 2022
I was a Depression Bride in Berkeley: Reminiscences of 1933-1934 / Eleanor BlissSummer 2004
 A Paper Boy in Berkeley / Buzz CardozaSpring 2011
 Mme. Chiang Kai-shek and Claremont Court / Burl WillesWinter 2016
 Berkeley As I Knew It In Early Days / Wilhelmine F. Bolsted CianciaruloFall 2010
 Do Androids Dream in Berkeley? Philip K. Dick’s Life in Our City / Maureen FosterSummer/Fall 2008, Winter 2009
 Marjory Farquhar, Peak Woman / Burl WillesSpring 2020
 Who Was Seneca Gale? / Phil GaleWinter 1999
 Leonore Hermann Ginno, DDS, Berkeley’s First Woman Dentist / John Ginno AronoviciSummer 1999
 “Living Link” Weston Havens / Burl WillesWinter 2001
 Mable Howard and BART / Mildred Howard and Stephanie Anne JohnsonSpring 2020
 Serendipity: Used Book on Berkeley History Was Once Owned by City’s First Woman Mayor (Carrie L. Hoyt) / Fred EtzelSpring 2017
 Samuel James Hume and Portia Bell Hume / Ken CardwellWinter 1999
 Coming to Berkeley by Florence Jury and Jacomena MaybeckSpring 2010
Treasured Videos of Jacomena Maybeck and Florence Jury / Pam ValoisFall 2022
 Transformation on Spaulding Avenue: The Story of Jack LaLanne in Berkeley / Hal ReynoldsWinter 2009
How Barbara Luce-Richey Added a “Pocket Park” to John Spring’s Solano Avenue Terrace Tract / Fred EtzelSummer 2017
 The Marstons in Berkeley: The Captain and His Wife / Phil GaleWinter 2005
 The Marstons in Berkeley, The Children / Phil GaleSpring 2011
 Coming to Berkeley by Florence Jury and Jacomena MaybeckSpring 2010
Treasured Videos of Jacomena Maybeck and Florence Jury / Pam ValoisFall 2022
 Joseph H. McCourt and Bruno L. Putzker: Berkeleyans Who Fought in the Philippine Insurrection of 1899-1902 / Fred EtzelFall 2020
 Pioneer Farmer and Benefactor: James McGee / Members of the McGee-Spalding-Hardy Historic Interest GroupWinter 2007
 Memories of David Park / Burl WillesSummer 2011
 New Monument to a Berkeley Resident (William Byron Rumford) / Ann HarlowSummer 2016
 Paul Salz:  Kindertransport Refugee and Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Lab / Tonya StarosSummer 2017
 Lydia Sturtevant: Berkeley’s Opera Singer / Willard M. OliverWinter 2019
 Captain Richard Park Thomas, Nut Hill Pioneer / Carl WilsonSpring 2000, Summer 2000
 James Tippett’s MemoriesSummer 2006
 Uncle Gus (Chief Vollmer) and Mrs. Miller / Steve TaylorFall 2009
 Samuel Hopkins Willey, Pioneer Berkeley Resident / Fred EtzelFall 2021
 J. Stitt Wilson, Berkeley’s Socialist Mayor / Stephen BartonSummer 2011
 Berkeley Mayor J. Stitt Wilson and the 1911 Women’s Suffrage Campaign / Stephen BartonFall 2020
 Leon Wofsy, 1921-2019: Pioneering Immunologist, Lifelong Champion of Social Justice / Jeanine Castello-Lin and Tonya StarosWinter 2020
 Bertha Wright and Mabel Weed: Berkeley’s Early Nurse and Social Worker / John Ginno Aronovici            Fall 2007
SchoolsRemembering the Original Thousand Oaks School / Evelyn Whitehead McCoolFall 2001
 Berkeley’s Columbus School Garden 1920-1930+ / Phyllis M. Housel GaleSummer 2013
 Was Willard the First Junior High? / Phyllis Gale and Jennifer DixSummer 2016
 Berkeley’s First State Institution Came Here 151 Years Ago, Before the University / Steven FinacomFall 2018
ShellmoundThe West Berkeley Shellmound in 1907 / Chris WalkerSummer 2018
ShipsDown to the Seas in Berkeley’s Ships, Margot Lind / John Aronovici and Phil Gale.Spring 2009
 The Great White Fleet’s Visit to Berkeley in 1908 / Steven FinacomFall 2009
Social WorkerBertha Wright and Mabel Weed: Berkeley’s Early Nurse and Social Worker / John Ginno AronoviciFall 2007
Solid Waste (garbage)Garbage In… Not Always Garbage Out / Susan SchwartzSpring 1999
StreetsTelegraph Avenue, RevisitedDec. 2006
 Life on Edwards Street, Judy Kennedy InterviewSpring 2008
 The Marquis of Russell Street / Burl WillesSummer 2012
 Wild Streetcars on Spruce StreetWinter 2013
 New Light on 101 Oxford Street / Susan Austin, Ph.DSummer 2015
 A Brief History of the 500 Block of Neilson Street / Fred EtzelWinter 2017
TransportationGetting on Track During World War II / Philip GaleSpring 1999
 Ferries from Berkeley to SF: 1874-1937 / Phil GaleWinter 2000
Hall-Scott’s Railcars / Phil GaleDec. 2006
The Pullman Sleeping Car Berkeley / Phil GaleSpring 2009
Wild Streetcars on Spruce StreetWinter 2013
TreesUnder the Shade of the Araucaria / Oscar N. Abeliuk, MDSpring 2009
UniversityStudent Housing Berkeley Style / Ken CardwellFall 1999
 University Students’ Cooperative, Association Origins / Madeline LohSummer 2012
 Mystery Solved: What Happened to the Class of 1881 / Inga VanekSummer 2013
Edward Chace Tolman: The Cognitive Map and the Loyalty Oath / Fred EtzelWinter 2018
VeteransCommemorating War Veterans on the Home Front / Phyllis GaleWinter 2017
WeatherThe Biggest Snowstorm in Berkeley’s History, Snow? In Berkeley? / John AronoviciFall 2005
 Ski Berkeley! / Mark McLaughlinFall 2005
 Berkeley Snow ScorecardFall 2005
Women (pioneering)Minnie Russell Churchill / Martha E. SimmonsSpring 1999
 Early Berkeley Women 1878-1953 / Phyllis GaleSpring 2003
 Millicent W. Shinn (1858-1940) / Phyllis GaleFall 2003
 Bertha Wright and Mabel Weed: Berkeley’s Early Nurse and Social Worker / John Ginno Aronovici   Fall 2007
 90th Anniversary of America’s First Woman Law Professor: Barbara Nachtrieb Armstrong / Zita Ballinger FletcherSpring 2018
 Carrie F. Young: Temperance Advocate, Suffragist and Physician / Fred EtzelSummer 2018
 First Woman Elected to the California State Legislature 100 Years Ago / Phyllis GaleFall 2018
 Myra Simmons, Black Suffragist 1881–1965 / Phyllis GaleWinter 2019
 Marion Johnson and Leela Craig Create Chaparral House on Strawberry Creek / Fred EtzelSpring 2019
 1914 – Berkeley Women Prepare for a School Bond Vote / Phyllis GaleSpring 2019
 Black Women’s Sororities at UC Berkeley and Their Distinguished Leaders / Linda P. RosenFall 2019
 Suffragist Margaret Angela Haley, November 15, 1861 – January 5, 1939 / Phyllis GaleFall 2019
 Carrie Hendrickson Gibbs: Suffragist, School Board Member, President of the Berkeley Federation of Mothers’ Clubs / Phyllis GaleWinter 2020
 Berkeley Suffragists March Down Broadway, 1908 / Phyllis GaleSpring 2020
 Dr. Mary Coolidge: Suffragist, President of Both Berkeley and California Civic Leagues / Phyllis GaleSummer 2020
 Soroptimist International Leader Violet Richardson Ward, Early Proponent of Physical Fitness / Carol DippelSummer 2021
World War IIGetting on Track During World War II / Philip GaleSpring 1999
 Recollections of Berkeley in the ’30s and the Impact of World War II / George M. O’ConnorWinter 2002
 Camp Ashby, BerkeleyDec. 2006
 On the Homefront in Tilden Park / Richard LangWinter 2017
 Oral History:  World War II and the Abraham Family / Frank AbrahamWinter 2017
 Was Your Mother a Rosie the Riveter? / Phyllis GaleWinter 2017
 My Memories of the Home Front / John Ginno AronoviciWinter 2017