Topaz Moon, by Chiura Obata


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Chiura Obata, Professor of Art at the University of California, Berkeley, was one of more than 100,000 Japanese Americans forcefully relocated in 1942 from their homes and communities to the stark barracks of internment camps. As an artist faithfully recording the world around him, Obata gave us a view into the camps that was at once honest in the details of austerity and hardship, and strikingly lyrical in its portrayal
of hope and beauty even. in incarceration. Topaz Moon presents more than 100 of Obata’s sketches, sumi paintings, and watercolors from the internment period.
Lovingly collected and edited by his granddaughter, Kimi Kodani Hill, and movingly augmented by letters and interviews, Obata’s work gives testament to his artistic genius and a spirit undefeated by adversity.