Videos of Programs

Video, Author Susan Austin talks about her new novel with Berkeley Historical Society’s Jeanine Castello-Lin. In Austin’s novel *Drawing Outside the Lines* she brings to life Julia Morgan (1872-1957), an illustrious Bay Area architect.
Video, Berkeley Historical Society & Museum online program, March 23, 2023. Hear Anna Rabkin’s story of her experiences as an orphaned Polish Jew in “the school that escaped the Nazis.”
Video, Proof reader at the Berkeley Gazette, Florence Jury reminisces about her life in Berkeley in 1920-30s, and her lifelong friendship with Jacomena Maybeck, 1989
Video. Jacomena Maybeck (1901-1996), an artist in her own right, reminisces about her father-in-law, noted Berkeley architect, Bernard Maybeck, 1989
Video, African American series closing event, October, 2022
Video, “The Four-Year Stretch”: Jacomena Maybeck and Florence Jury reminiscing about their time as co-eds at UC Berkeley from 1923 to 1927.
Video, Edythe Boone – an African-American muralist, artist, and activist. Berkeley Historical Society, May 2022
Video, “Homes for the People: Catherine Bauer’s 20th Century Vision and Today’s Housing Crisis” Matthew Lasner, in conversation with Harvey Smith, May 2022
Video, Berkeley Experimental Schools Program—Yeasty Times, June 2019
Video, Sister Gurls WRITE: Two African American authorsTina Jones Williams and Robin Claire Barnes read and discuss passages from their books, June 2021
Video, Tina Jones Williams: “It Happened on Our Watch,” December 2021
Video, Berkeley’s Housing Crisis: Past Experience, Future Options, March 2022
Video, African Americans in Berkeley’s History, May 2021
Video, Kamala Harris: Nurtured by Berkeley, December 2021
Video, Pam Valois on Jacomena Maybeck, September 2021
Video, Berkeley Politics in the 1970s, November 2021
Video, August Vollmer, Berkeley’s first police chief, April 2017
Video, Berkeley Then and Now: Tina Jones Williams, Bob Johnson and Janet Byron, April 2021
Video, Ron Nyren, author, April 2021
Video, Narsai David, chef, author, February, 2021
Video, Berkeley Co-op: A Conversation, October 2020
Video. Stephen Barton on J. Stitt Wilson, Berkeley’s socialist mayor, April 2014