Homes for the People: Catherine Bauer’s 20th Century Vision and Today’s Housing Crisis

Book Title: Modern Housing

Thursday, April 21, 2022, 7:00 pm on Zoom

Matthew Lasner, Ph.D., interviewed by Harvey Smith

Catherine Bauer (later Catherine Bauer Wurster) was an important American advocate for affordable, quality public housing. Following a brief annual business meeting, the program will begin with a brief video presentation by Barbara Penner on the life of Catherine Bauer Wurster. Matthew Lasner, in conversation with Harvey Smith, will explore Bauer’s early work as author of Modern Housing, explore her key role as the author of the 1937 Federal Housing Act, her contributions while at UC Berkeley, and her relevance today. Q & A from audience will follow.

Matthew Lasner studies the history and theory of the built environment, with primary focus on housing and urban (and suburban) form in the U.S. He is a founding editor of PLATFORM, a website dedicated to the built environment, and Associate Professor of Urban Policy and Planning at Hunter College, CUNY.