Berkeley History Tidbits

Berkeley As I Knew It in Early Days

By Wilhelmine F. Bolsted Cianciarulo

From a typed manuscript, believed to have been written in 1941.

Painting of a seascape by Jennie V. Cannon

The Berkeley Art Colony

The exhibit “Art Capital of the West”: Real and Imagined Art Museums and Galleries in Berkeley touched on the existence of an especially lively artist community in Berkeley from about 1906 to 1911. An important source was a book donated to BHS by its local author, Robert W. Edwards. The book, Jennie V. Cannon: The Untold History of the Carmel and Berkeley Art ColoniesVol. 1, has detailed biographical information, not only about Jennie V. Cannon but about more than 200 other artists. An online facsimile of the entire text of Vol. 1 is available on the Traditional Fine Arts Organization website. (There will probably not be a Vol. 2, unfortunately.)